Amateur Radio Station WCEM



See the links directly below for FREE Software by WCEM
(Formerly WFGM)

TS-2000 AutoMode
Auto Mode Memory Setup and Restore application for
the Kenwood TS-2000
TM All Mode Multi-Band Transceiver

a UTC Clock and Timer/Alarm Application

For Station ID and Solar Activity Announcements

Station Accessory Control Software


Other Programs That I Use

QuickWAS Screenshot

QuickWAS is an application by Bill Mullin, AA4M
I love this app!

Do you you enjoy chasing QSO's with the 50 United States towards the various ARRL WAS awards? If so, did you know that there are 2 WAS certificates and 30 different WAS endorsement stickers which are awarded by the ARRL? Additionally, many modes and bands can be combined for new endorsements, resulting in virtually an unlimited number of awards for the avid state chaser. Tracking your QSO's for the different WAS awards used to be a problem, but not any more with QuickWAS!

Download a copy of QuickWAS (867KB)
See description of why I use it


GONG! Screenshot

Download a copy of GONG! (1,299KB)