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 HamTimer Release Version 1.22

Version 1.22 added some menu selection enhancements.

What? ANOTHER UTC clock application??? Well yes, let me explain...

HamTimer was written by WFGM (Formerly ABWB) to:

It was driven by my desire to have a program that was small and would not take up a lot of room on the screen. I hope you find it useful!

HamTimer Screenshots

Main View showing the ID Timer enabled with 7 minutes remaining before activation.
From here, all user preferences can be set. You can set the background color, each clock, and each clock label to any color you choose. All these options are saved automatically when you exit HamTimer, so your preferences load the next time you run the program.

Main View w/Menus Hidden
Just click on the form and the menus reappear. (i.e. between the local time and the alarm clock icon)
The window may also be resized to make it even smaller if you like. See below.

Perhaps you only want to view the UTC clock.
Just drag the window edge over to the size you prefer.
And when minimized, HamTimer displays Zulu time in the task bar.


When you run HamTimer for the first time, it will prompt you to select the time zone you are in.
You can change the time zone at any time to adjust for Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time as necessary so that your UTC time display is always correct.
There are 29 user selectable time zones for use almost anywhere in the world.
Note! Your system time must be set correctly or HamTimer will
not display the time properly.


From the Alarm Settings window you can select which WAV file you want your sound card to play.
You can select a different sound for each of the two separate alarms.

There is also a small help window that you can read to guide you through using the program.


Download a FREE copy of HamTimer for your Amateur Radio Station!

Before installing this version of HamTimer, first remove any previous installation of HamTimer using the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel.
 Then unzip the download into a temporary directory and run setup.

Single Zip File (1.7MB)

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